About the project

In mid-2015, the Portuguese beer company Sagres called a tender for agencies to produce a new model of mid-premium range beer, which would compete with equivalent imported beers.

Fredingrado was in that contest, hand in hand with agency Método Helmer, and developed three different concepts for the new beers.

  • Sagres Estrela: A beer with all the flavor and aesthetics of a «raw» beer. Everything reminds of the factory, (even the labeling imitates a handwritten label) since its intention was to compete with craft beers.
  • Sagres Origem: A thicker beer, with a smoother flavor and reminiscent of wheat. All its packaging and conceptualization tries to reflect the spirit of classic Portugal, that of the time of its birth as a state.
  • Sagres Galo: A beer that tries to collect all the Portuguese spirit, centralizing its image in the Portuguese Galo and in contemporary Portuguese art. It goes with a set of tile coasters with different artistic interpretations of the Gaul.